Life Group

Wed, May 15, 20136:30 PM

Our Life Groups meet in homes in East Davie, Lewisville and Clemmons on nights during the work week.  Life Groups usually include about 10-15 folks who meet during the week to "do life" together: eat, drink, have fun, pray and study the Bible.  Life Groups usually meet for 6-8 week intervals, taking breaks around holidays.  For more information contact us by clicking here.

Our current Life Group meets in Kinderton Village at 6:30pm every Wednesday night.  Each month we "cycle through" four different activities every week:  teaching, prayer, outreach, and fellowship.  So, depending on the night, our Life Group could be having Bible Study, volunteering at the Storehouse for Jesus, spending night praying for each other or throwing a party for ourselves and our neighbors.  For more info, contact