Serving Others in Our Community

Because of God's great love for us, we love and have concern for our neighbors.   We are thankful that we get to join with Christian and non-Christian friends to serve our community and contribute to the common good.  

We serve our community in three primary ways: 

  • Throwing parties for the community:  Before you can love your neighbor, you actually have to know them.  And in the isolated society we live in today, it is important just to get together with our neighbors and those in our community.  At Good Shepherd we want be a part of bringing people in our community together.  And we think that the life God has given us in Christ is worth celebrating so we invite others from the community, even those who don't know Christ, to celebrate with us. 

  • Creating Dialogue that Challenges Our Thinking: Socrates said that "the unexamined life is not worth living."  And we desire to create safe places where discussion (and challenge) can take place about the most important things in life:  God, family, work, and truth.  

  • Serving those who have fallen on hard times:  The reality is that all of us at some point are going to face difficulties in career, finances, or family, and Good Shepherd wants to be a visible expression of God's care and concern to those who are in need.