Why Church Planting?

One question that I get from time to time is: "Why are you planting another church in area that already has so many churches?"  My brother who lives in Boston, the least churched city in the county, often asks me why I'm planting in the South.  My friends who are foreign missionaries in places where there are no Christians except missionaries themselves ask me why I'm planting in North America.  And my friends here North Carolina ask why we are planting in Davie County of all places.  

So, what do I say when I'm asked these questions?  

My first response is this:  God has called us here, and it is not our place to question his reasons why.  We will not use logic or statistics or even need to propel us to ignore God's calling.  

My second response stems from the name of our church, Church of the Good Shepherd.  Every where you go there are people who are "like sheep without a Shepherd," and often they are not the people you'd think.  Sometimes they are successful in the eyes of the world, sometimes they have great families, great work-ethics, and live relatively clean lives.  Sometimes they live in the right neighborhoods and have many enviable gifts.  But often times, such people are nagged by a question that will just not go away:  "Why?" 

The question often goes unspoken until times of crisis, but when it is articulated it can look like this:  "Why am I doing all this work?  Why does it matter if I succeed or not?  Why do I love my kids so much and want this same life for them... so that they themselves will only wonder what's so important about it anyway?"

The reality is that our lives are meaningful and they do matter.  The work we do, whether it is called successful or mundane, is important and God values it.  But these things are only understood in light of Jesus.  Only when we fully understand the importance of who He is and what He has done do we understand the answer to the deepest, longing-filled questions of our lives.  And here's the shocking truth:  the only place where this understanding can be gained is through the Church, with other people who have found by this truth as well.  

So why are we planting?  In Davie County there are many folks who are searching, though they may not even know they are.  And for about 100-200 of these kind of people, people like me and you, God has called Church of the Good Shepherd into existence.  He has sent us to plant this church for those people, and for our own sake as well.  

P.S.  There are MANY other good reasons why planting churching is important.  We would refer you to the following article if you'd like to read more: